Friday, January 27, 2012

AS Photography-Katy

The final part of our photography coursework we did a topic called Connected Images. I decided to photograph portraits and flowers more extensively than I had in earlier elements of my work, and try to combine both emotions and nature in different, more unusual ways. 

I began by trying to express different moods through my images not only by directing my model, but through the lighting and the composition of the photographs, too.
My final shoot ended up with me photographing the beautiful swirls of colour in the iris of eyes and contrasting that colour with the flower petals held closely to my model’s face.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bethany Threadless Graphics

As part of our graphics course this year, we had to create a t-shirt design for a company called ‘Threadless’.  It involved a lot of brainstorming, a lot of Photoshop, and a lot of technical stuff. Here’s how I developed my design;

We had to choose a subculture to create a design for—one that we felt would suit us and other people within a chosen age range—so I chose to design some shirts for ‘Goth’.

We had to go through a process of different techniques on Photoshop, including silhouettes, congestion, mono-printing and typography. All of these components became first ideas, and were then developed into final ideas.
I created all my designs in Photoshop, and then put them onto t-shirts from the Threadless site. We then had to choose one design to put on the student forum for other people to pass a verdict on. This was a great way to improve on our ideas and to get an opinion from the type of people/age range who would buy the tee.

After putting it on the student forum and gaining feedback, I then improved the design by re-designing it. I decided to re-design all the tees to get a broader range of ideas. This made it easier to choose a design to submit to the Threadless site.

After re-designing everything, I then put my chosen tee on a pitch board, and asked 20 members of the general public (mainly in the train station) to pass a verdict on it. Based on the feedback I received, I wrote an evaluation on how to improve and then submitted it to Threadless.

Friday, November 4, 2011

College Rollercoaster

Before we began our Elmfield Marketing project, we got to grips with Stop Motion animation and produced the following videos.

The brief was simple: using stop motion, create a college rollercoaster!

Farai Samunyai, Grant Randall, Nick Smith and Alex Whitehurst

Lindsay Mountford, Ryan Mountford and Dominic Yates

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Libby- A2 Art:Attention to Detail

For my A2 project I chose to investigate “attention to detail.”

As it was my last unit I wanted to create a very powerful and meaningful piece of art. I chose to explore disability and how it is portrayed, this is a very personal subject to me as I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when I was sixteen. MS affects me differently day to day; some days I appear perfectly able bodied where as others days I need to use a wheel chair. So I see and experience the way the world treats you when you are perceived as having a disability. I have lived with MS for almost four years and now felt like I was strong enough to voice my opinions through my 3D artwork. I first looked in to the art of collage as this helped me to create a very personal unseen message which then would run through to further my development.

There are two meanings behind this collage; the first a disabled person looking up at god and asking why them, or god looking down and choosing who is strong enough to cope with a disability.

I now wanted to turn my attention to 3D collage, with the idea that man and machine as one. I made a series of with this theme trying to make the part of the chair and the human figure ambiguous. On all pieces I wanted the wheels to stand out as they tend to be the first thing people see. This tends to trigger one of the following responses, people either completely ignore you or they treat you like you are stupid.

The idea behind the art is that most people will see the wheel chair first and not the person, which is why I used a blank white body to symbolise the ignorance that some people show towards disability. Throughout these past four years I have been in a wheel chair, used crutches, walking sticks a number of things to help me cope but when I have good days when I don’t need any I have been discriminated just because my disability isn’t visible. What most people don’t take into account is the mental side and trust me I have been pushed to my limits, although I have not accepted my illness yet, I can already see that it has made me a better person and I want all viewers to take away my story and hopefully see that world differently without having to go through what I have.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tori-Gif experiments

These are a range of experiments produced as part of my AS photography. They were produced with photoshop. Some techniques have been more successful as others. I experimented mainly with the speed of the transitions. If you click on them you will see the animation moving.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jenny-Animated Gifs

This is some experimentationn with animated gifs as part of my AS photography.

Click on them to see them move

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BTEC Graphic Design-Moodle Logos

Over the last few weeks BTEC Graphic Design Students have been looking at the branding, design and accessibility of Moodle. This week they have been focusing on the Logo itself and how the branding of Moodle and the college can be integrated.
Over the next week or 2 some of these will be showcased becoming the colleges Moodle logo for the day. Which are your favorites so far and why? Add a comment below.






Josh B





Rebecca R





Josh J